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Lots of Changes Happening.

I’ve had to take a hard look at the blogs that I have attempted to publish and maintain. I’ve decided that I’m going to keep only 2 or possibly 3 (I haven’t made my final decision yet). I am either in the process or I have completed the shutting down of a few of my other blogs.

  1. My real estate blog will be going away. I’ve retired from that business and don’t have the time to do a satisfactory job of keeping that site going. I’ve already shutdown/deleted the real estate pages that I had on Facebook.
  2. The Rant Place is gone or at least no longer maintained. The link at the top of this page/site is either gone or will be soon. This blog will have to suffice for the airing of my pet peeves.
  3. Cozy Corner has been shut down. It was an endeavor that we had in conjunction with Amazon. But Amazon stopped supporting/maintaining that feature so the Cozy Corner Bookstore was shut down. We will be looking to see how we can best utilize our partnership with Amazon in the future.
  4. Digging Around Winslow Township will be changing drastically. I’m still toying with the idea of possibly re-purposing that blog for something else (maybe the 3rd possible blog) or just shutting it down.
  5. Finally, I’ve decided to shut down The Thinking Progressive political blog. It’s not worth it. I don’t need to make myself a target for all of the so-called political expert nutjobs out there. I’ll limit my political discourse to this blog.

So, what’s left? Well, there’s this blog and my blog that I use to detail my family research, Iwaniw Family Research Blog. So far most of my time has been spent with the family research blog because I’ve been doing quite a bit of research work on my family’s history. I’m pretty pleased with my results. You can read for yourself on the blog.

What’s the big deal about the college admissions scandal?

I’ve seen a few comments from people about the scandal that swept up Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman and their spouses,  Some comments made asked what was the big deal.  I can’t speak for everyone or the DOJ but I find what they did was highly offensive and insulting.  Why?  Because as much as our children are important to us they are not as important to the rest of the world.
Just to be clear, I love my children and my grandchildren.  They are very important TO ME.  I’m not forcing my children on the rest of the world.  I support them as they make their way in life.  I don’t arrange their life for them.  Essentially that’s what Loughlin and Huffman did.  They forced the world to bestow the same level of importance on their children as they did.  The rest of the people in the world were expected to play by the rules.  Not these families.  They considered themselves special and, in turn, their children were special.  Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman, and William Macy are entertainers.  They really haven’t done anything that would be considered as a benefit to anyone in the world.  Probably no one outside the USA even knows who they are.  But their children are more important than anyone else in the world.  To them this may be, and should be, true but to the rest of us, not at all.
This caused the deserving children not to get in because these parents’ children undeservingly took their spots in the limited admissions process.  This also dovetails with a recent study that found that for a person to be successful they only have to wealthy but not smart.

Pears in a Jar

I’ve been to many different grocery stores, Shop Rite, ACME, Trader Joe’s and even Dollar Tree Stores along with the food section at Target and Walmart but I’ve never been able to find pear slices or halves in a resealable jar. They all have pears in cans but not in jars. I can find peaches in jars, I can find fruit cocktails in a jar, I can even find mangos in a jar. But I have yet to find any type of pear in a jar.

Why is that?  Am I looking in the wrong places?  Are grocery stores the wrong places to look?  Is there some specialty store where I should be looking?

So, why don’t the fruit producers have pears in a jar?  Are pears not a fruit?  They can put diced, slices, and halves of peaches in jars. Also, pineapple chunks, slices, and diced in jars. They even provide maraschino cherries in a jar.

Why pears in a jar?  Convenience. What if I wanted a slice or two, or maybe just one half. With a jar I can take what I want and reseal the container with the unused portion. With a can I can’t reseal it, I have use all of it.  Sure, I can cover the open top with aluminum foil or plastic wrap. This, however, does not completely seal the container and will still cause a mess if it tips over.

So, if anyone knows where I could buy pears in a jar I’d appreciate hearing from you.

Welcome to My World

-Welcome to the new & improved blog, Life In The Trenches.  On here I will be detailing things from everyday life, such as, recommendations of things that I have come across and the panning of those that I have found to be waste of time and money.  I will occasionally post some rants about things that I find annoying and raves about things that I get excited about.  I also author a couple of other blogs: My Family Research, which I use to detail my experience in researching my family history and post interesting/relevant information.  Then there is Digging Around Winslow Township which will be revised and repurposed in the near future (most likely to be changed to detail trains and railroads which I have a great interest in).  Other than that, enjoy my current endeavor and if you wish to comment, please feel free to register and post your thoughts.  However, I must say that I will be moderating all comments and determining if they get included or not.  Sorry, my blog…my rules.

Lastly, I may include some links in my posting where I may be receive a commission amount.  Please read my Affiliate Disclaimer (the link is also located at the top of the page).