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What I’m Reading – The Void Within: The Cluster Saga Book One

As some of you may or may not know is that I am a sci-fi fan. I love almost anything that is sci-fi. Although, I’m not a Trekkie, I do love the series and all of the spin-offs. I’m now a fan of The Orville. I’m seriously considering subscribing to Hulu because the 3rd Season has been moved from the Fox Network over to Hulu. But I’m also a great fan of sci-fi books. I have an Amazon Fire Tablet that use to buy ebooks and read them.

The latest one that I am currently reading is called The Void Within: The Cluster Saga Book One by Carlos R. Tkacz, The summary of the book as listed on Amazon is:

“The 25th century. Humanity has discovered a new form of energy, the Source, derived from the very basis of life itself. Using this power to travel instantaneously through space, humans have spread through their corner of the galaxy and coalesced into two groups: the Coalition and the Inner Cluster. They are held in an uneasy economic and cultural relationship by their reliance on each other, the Coalition with the technology of the Source and the Inner Cluster with the materials to make it a usable form of energy. When rumors of conquest, political undergrounds, and alien contact threaten this balance of powers, it falls to three individuals to find the truth of the conspiracies swirling through their governments and to stave off a disastrous war. What they find in the process will change the course of humanity forever.”

The book is an interesting read and reminds me of the early 2000’s when the US went to war in Iraq. The book details a similar, albeit fictional, premise for war. There are 2 factions in story. One has the technology to travel instantaneously in space and the other has the material that the technology needs to accomplish the instantaneous travel. Very similar to before the outbreak of the War in Iraq. America had the technology to convert oil from the Middle East into energy but didn’t have the large oil reserves of the Middle East.

In the story, one group (The Coalition) has the technology to convert the material that is provided by the other group (The Inner Cluster) into energy. This creates a mutual dependence which The Coalition is not at all pleased with. The book goes into the ways and methods that the powers to be use to attempt to get control of the materials needed to convert to the new source of energy. However, there are 3 people that are drawn into the conspiracy and attempt to diffuse the situation and to prevent another war. To find out how they make out and how things end up, you’ll have to get the book for yourself and read it. 🙂