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3 Responses to Properties For Sale

  1. Fidan says:

    I agree with Nevada’s answer but just to let you know Coldwell Banker, althguoh is well known, is really a stickler with their agents. Every real estate company whether a well known (Prudential,Coldwell,Re/Max,Keller Williams,C-21) or boutique(local companies usually formed by previous agent who gets there Broker license) works on different levels of professionalism. That said you really need to pay attention to all the fees associated with your hanging your license. Also ask about your E O insurance because it doesn’t always cover what you think. Office fees range from desk,phone,internet,copies,faxes,in-house transaction coordinator,escrow fees,in house lender,advertising,etc.

  2. Sue says:

    It depends on the conrtact written between Fannie Mae and the realtor. But, on a $140,000 house, the commission is going to be very low at 6%, the commission on $140k = $8,400. Keep in mind that the actual realtor doing the work in selling the house keeps only a fraction of the commission. Typically, if there is a listing agent and a buyer’s agent, then that 6% gets split in half, and if the agents work for a larger agency (like ReMax, etc.) then the agencies take a cut as well. Typically a realtor will keep no more than 2% of the total sales price for herself/himself, or $2,800 in this case. From this amount, which is their “gross pay”, they have to pay for office expenses, vehicle expenses, sometimes their own health insurance, taxes, etc.In this market, realtors are probably happy for any closing, but they are not going to get rich on one at this price.References : Was this answer helpful?

  3. Claudia says:

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