The following excerpt is from the July 5, 2012 edition of the Denver Post.

The man who has helped safeguard many of Colorado’s most historical documents for nearly a half century has retired from state government.

State Archivist Terry Ketelsen, who had worked for the state for 45 years, retired last week at the age of 67.

Ketelsen’s job included maintaining documents as rare and valuable as the state 1876 constitution to tomes of records from courthouses. The state archives were created in the 1940s when then-Gov. Ralph Carr and his staff found documents collecting dust in the basement of the state Capitol and decided they needed to be preserved as a historical record.

Ketelsen’s work has brought him in contact with rare and interesting documents ranging from a letter from President Abraham Lincoln to a territorial governor and a letter from President Franklin Roosevelt after the start of World War II declaring tire rationing.

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Written on July 9th, 2012 , Genealogy News

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