Founding Families of Winslow Township

Just who would we consider as the founding families of Winslow Township? Would the founding families be those that settled in the area and set down roots? Or would it be the families that were instrumental in establishing the Township of Winslow and served as its first elected officials in the new municipal government?

Who would you think would be considered the founding families? Could it be both the early settlers and those elected officials?

Early settler families:

1. William Norcross
2. Joshua Duble
3. John Kellum
4. Benjamin Thakara
5. Joshua Peacock
6. George Sloan
7. Brittain Bishop
8. Benjamin Watson
9. Robert Maddox
10. Oliver Beebe
11. Charles Camel
12. Joel Bodine
13. John Rogers
14. Samuel Scull
15. Philip White
16. Eli Nield
17. Jonathan Fowler
18. Moses Githens
19. Enos Sharp
20. Isaiah Whitcraft

Some of you may notice that certain names are missing from this list, namely, Ware and Jacob. These were important for the Sicklerville area of Winslow Township, but they didn’t settle in Winslow Township until many years after it was incorporated in 1845.

Now as for the early elected officials of the township, those were:

A. Clerks – William Johnson (also served as Assessor), Elijah Burdsall, Joshua & John Duble, Thomas Melony (also served as Assessor), George & Richard Mapes, Montgomery Reading (also served as Collector), John Little, Edward Baker, Levi Phifer, Robert McDougall, and M.R. Simmerman.
B. Assessors – Charles French, Edwin Woolf, John Carroll, John Wright, William Sickler, John Duble (also served as Collector), Edward & Michael Burdsall.
C. Collectors – James Dill, Peter Ross, Samuel Norcross, Jacob Sailer, Conkling Mayhew, Jacob Sickler.
D. Justices of the Peace – William Peacock, William Sickler, Joseph Garten, William Shreve, John Cain, William Myers, Henry Jewett, Charles French, Joel Murphy, Samuel Burdsall, W.G. Wilson, Joshua Duble, Isaac Peacock, Thomas Austin, Elijah Burdsall, William Bishop, Paul Sickler, John Marahatt, Sidney Woods, Abner Gurney, Christian Heventhal, George Blatherwick.

If you are interested in the specific years that the any of the above people held the office, refer to The History of Camden County, New Jersey by George Prowell.

Many of the descendents of the early settlers/elected officials are still residents of Winslow Township.  It would be an interesting project to compile a detailed family tree for each of these families.


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