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My Current Investment Positions

I am fairly pleased with my current portfolio since I developed my own investment strategy. My investment activity is still not as accelerated as I’d want it to be but slow and steady is good. I got rid of all but one of the first stocks I bought before I really knew what I was doing and have been focusing my effort on investing in dividend stocks.

I have been investing at least $200/month. I wish it could be more but reality is a bitch. Reality is what we normal people have to deal with regardless of what the so-called “investment experts” on the internet say.

But so far, my portfolio as increased 13.51%. My holdings:


I’m also looking to diversify my portfolio a bit more by buying some bond EFT’s (i.e. either $VTIP or $VTEB). Also, with the current pandemic it might be good to invest in a pharma company. But which one? I might look to buy some $VHT, an ETF that invests in pharma companies within the Healthcare sector.

What about Bonds.

As I said previously, I’m a novice investor who is still “learning the ropes” about investing. As I read and watch tutorial videos I learn what I am doing correctly, incorrectly, and how to improve my portfolio.
This last one if the important part. As I was reviewing some information about portfolio management, being a senior who is looking to finally reap what I sow, I was confronted with the analysis that my portfolio needed to be tweaked some more. I was informed that as I got older that I should be invested more in bonds in order to offset and protect my overall investment assets. My current portfolio is all stocks & stock funds. No bonds or bond funds. So, now I need to modify my investment strategy and look to invest more in the bond market without sacrificing my other holdings.

I’m seriously looking at VTIP and VTEB. Again, I prefer funds to individual holdings. Both seem to be good acquisitions; VTIP is trading at $50.92/share and at the high end of its 52 week range. The Distribution Yield for VTIP is 1.57% with an expense ratio of 0.05%. VTIP is rated as low risk along with a below average return rating.

VTEB is trading at $54.74 with the price being at it high end of the 52 week range, also. The Distribution Yield is a bit better at 2.15% while the expense ratio is at 0.06%. VTEB is rated as average risk with a rating of average for returns. Everything else being equal, in my mind, VTEB (Vanguard Tax-Exempt Bond Index Fund ETF Shares) seems to beat out VTIP (Vanguard Short-Term Inflation-Protected Securities Index Fund ETF). This insight is based on my criteria that I use to determine which funds to buy. It may not necessarily be what you would decide. Every investor has to make their own determination and this post just give a general outline of how I do mine.