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Do You Use Google Sheets?

I like to use Google sheets for most of my investment calculations. There are many reasons that I like to use it. The main one being that I can access my spreadsheets from anywhere as long as I have access to WiFi or my wireless network. I started to fully utilize Google and all of their apps when I was in the real estate business. You’re out in the field and you need to access some information and calculated data. If you only had access to it through your desktop, you may end up losing an opportunity.

If you do use Google sheets I have come across an add-on feature that I find useful. It’s called Marketview. It allows you to build a formula within any cell to pull stock market data on almost any ticker and whatever data you wanted to be displayed in the cell. I use it for my list of stocks that I am comparing. I pull the key data elements such as: share price, dividend, and dividend yield.

You can add Marketview to your spreadsheet by clicking on the Add-On link at the top of the spread sheet form. Then click on Get Add-ons. A new window from G Suite Marketplace will pop up. In the search box at the top enter MARKETVIEW and press enter. You’ll then be presented with the app. Just click on it and follow the instructions to install. Once done, all you do is click on Add-on again, then go to Formula Builder. You then indicate where you want the results to be placed, where is the ticker symbol you want to use, what type of data you want to use, and then what specific data you want.