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Diamond in the Rough?

A couple of years ago I came into a large sum of money. I didn’t want to waste it or just have it sitting around in a bank account while it was pissed away. So I decided I wanted to put the money to work for me. At that time I knew very little about investing and decided to go to my bank to seek out a financial advisor to help me out. As luck would have it my bank was running a promotion where they would deposit a small amount of money into your account if you invested a large amount of money through them.

Well, off I went. Again, knowing very little about investing (except that I didn’t want my money left in a statement account), i discussed my financial goals at the time with my new financial advisor. Since that time my financial goals have changed/evolved. I still am more on the conservative side and prefer safer investments with minimum risks but I also am looking for accelerated (not aggressive) growth. I want stocks & funds that grow but I want them to grow at a faster rate. Which is why I am now participating in DRIPs with all my investments. I prefer dividends be paid as often as possible; prefer monthly, will accept quarterly but reluctantly take semi-annually.

This past April when the last fund expired/matured/closed and liquidated the shares from that fund and invested in a unit trust (FKUVBX). I don’t know anything about these type of funds but the value of it has increased 26.37%. This seems good. Initially, I told my financial advisor (FA) that I wanted to be conservative and to protect my assets. I still do but my thinking that has changed is that I am now interested in compounding my funds. FKUVBX only pays dividends twice a year and I can’t find any information about it other than the value increased. I don’t find that much information on the fund. My normal sources of investment info come up blank and only place I find the ticker FKUVBX is on CNBC.

I know very little about this fund other than it is trading at the high end of its 52 week range. Right now it’s up 26.37% but what companies/industries make up this fund? What’s the dividend rate, if any? I guess I’ll stick with it until the end (2022).